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The nurse and the boss

It is not clear on what basis it could be argued that the aid of a nurse, as such, should not be among that serving health protection.

For the Supreme Court, is guilty, for Mafia association, the nurse who provides a boss ill with cancer. That the appellate court failed to take into account the point of view of the accused - that is to say, administering a drug tumor, although theoretically due to aiding and abetting, was not punishable because in practice aimed at protecting the health - is not what minor, the economy of the decision, for the simple fact the Court has done just the thought of the territorial court.

This, in brief, the judgment shared by the two courts: the defendant has provided substantial help towards, not of any component, but the greatest exponent of the Summit "our thing," with obvious consequences for organization criminal activities. And since the injections and withdrawals were not made on a plan dutiful care, since this task is not attributable to any registered nurse, you cannot bring up the purpose of protection of the good life. For that reason, the number 60, must be punished for criminal association.

But ... but ... Again

I always see nurses, doctors almost never, administer medication and take samples.
I always knew that fall within their duties prescribed by law and contracts: full support of the invalid, drug delivery, conducting laboratory tests and simple collection, storage and shipment of the material in the laboratory for diagnostic investigation. It 'also true that medicines your doctor must prescribe them.
Well, if there is a doctor behind the scenes, the nurse was guilty of stoned, if the doctor is, the Court is silent on the subject, the nurse has done exactly the duties devolving upon him.

Given the legal training, it is not clear on what basis we can distinguish between help and assistance. On what basis can you say that the help of a nurse, as such, should not be among that serving health protection.

What most angered, however, is to have submitted in support of its belief that the aid was provided, not to any component, but a big shot.

What means the judge with this distinction? Perhaps that, with the gimmick of the comparison and balancing, health retreats because the boss is too heavy?
"Among men, all men of the earth there is an equal to axiological ... Among all men on earth, the comparative equality tam quam not magis quam, quam or minus " They are the powerful words of one of our traveling companions, experienced.

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