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Critical Care-care plans

Translation of American Critical Care-care plans, this volume is a compendium of knowledge and techniques, which constitute the indispensable background of the emergency and intensive care nurse.

The ubiquity, complexity and richness of information contained, they do, in my opinion, readable text with some effort by non-critical jobs in the area.

The choice also adhered to the theories of nursing diagnoses, commendable in the seriousness of the attempt to make more and more autonomous and professional the nursing activities, in this case gives us a text that is not available in some parts with ease and immediacy.

It declared these limits, on the other hand, overcome with extra attention from the reader, it is very valuable and useful publication.

In detail, and general nursing diagnosis care plans specific to the major diseases of critical importance, the nervous system, respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, hepatobiliary, endocrine, renal, hematologic, immune, musculoskeletal, skin.

It is appropriate for the guidance of those who read the final summary, condensed, care plans.
Space is also assigned to the treatment of quality in the field of nursing, including:

Patients with more severe, shorter hospital stays and with technology constantly evolving, critical care nurse faces three problems of professional assistance that are considered here: the distinction from that of nursing care, the balance between a ' standardized care and a personalized and reconciliation between cost containment and quality care.

A volume, finally, it is recommended that the attention of critical care nurse, dutifully pointing out that even the nurses in other healthcare sectors, eager to deepen their knowledge on assisting patients with issues of "critical," which always structures are frequently assisted in non-intensive hospitals, will find much interesting and comprehensive information, as acutely notes in the presentation of the work.

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