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The word "Candida" recalls a series of widespread complaints and often substantial. The condition is more common than vaginal candidiasis, which sometimes continues to recur despite treatment carried out, and that causes loss, burning, irritation, inability to have sex and a variety of symptoms related to vaginal and vulvar pain. Remember that it is still too eventually the male candidiasis, and that treatments are very similar.

The candidate is, in fact, a sign of imbalance in the body and reduction of defensive capabilities. Every living being has in his gut, a large number of yeasts of this type. Under certain conditions (stress, antibiotic treatments, medications, imbalanced diet) are transformed into the yeast fungi (always type "Candida") and become aggressive. When this happens occasionally treating conditions of the moment, and everything is resolved. When, however, as in most cases, candidiasis persists despite the therapy performed, it is called a form of intestinal candidiasis that maintains a condition of suffering of the organism. The candidate then is not necessarily a sexually transmitted disease Except for infections "ping-pong" between two partners, both with poor immune system, usually the candosi is not a sexually transmitted disease

Many researchers explain that chronic candida infection causes a variety of symptoms, including mental or behavioral type, which can actually be resolved when you return the body in proper balance. The hypothetical use of a drug "anti-candida" is rarely the solution. Generally indeed, persevere with these antifungal drugs becomes risky and problematic, and especially does not detect the real causes of the disease.

The cause of candidiasis, genital tract or both, are to be found mainly in:

  • Unhealthy diets, with dominance of fermented substances and carbohydrates in rapid absorption;
  • Life stress and distress, which alter the emotional responses, and the white does not help to improve them;
  • Intestinal imbalance, with impaired function;
  • Insufficient intake of minerals and vitamins necessary for proper intestinal balance and maintain the defenses;
  • Use and abuse of drugs and substances can be toxic action.

What do you do when a person has candida? The story of Paola
The story of Paola, one of our patients by about 30 years, is truly exemplary. It arrived at our center almost by accident, sent by a friend who had solved a bad vaginitis, says that for approximately four years, after a long protracted antibiotic treatment for an intestinal infection summer, has begun to highlight the sores in the mouth, vaginal discharge, a few episodes of fever, a general state of exhaustion and finally, a significant vaginal irritation. Then she went to the gynecologist, and my colleague has properly prescribed anti-candida medication, which helped for about three days, at the end of which the candidate has come back in the company of diarrhea, re-activated by the drugs themselves. Simultaneously, a vaginal swab at that point excluded the presence of a white (they were almost exterminated by the antifungal), but revealed the presence of a beta-hemolytic streptococcus that the gynecologist felt compelled to prescribe antibiotics.
At the end of treatment, but reappeared candida, subsequently seen again in the vaginal swabs, and gynecologist prescribedantifungal (local and general mouth to place as eggs) that solved only for two days, bringing the whole to the previous state of suffering. Afterwards even with identical symptoms of irritation and annoyance and loss, but with negative vaginal swabs (often in chronic candidiasis vaginal swabs are negative, although the body still responds to intestinal dysbiosis in the same way).
In his story had been attempted even a food setting in which a therapist had asked for the complete elimination of wheat (though by eating and spelled!), And the elimination of the yeast, but by eating unleavened bread, yogurt and vinegar (all, However, fermented substances). Given the apparent lack of results, only added Paola's feeling discomfort, and rightly left to lose in a short time. Finally, after four years of a history constantly equal to itself that is continually repeated, Paola came to us, and set the treatment was not different from what we set typically with all people with these problems.

  • Evaluation of food intolerance test through DRIA, which allows you to find the concentration of a personal "natural vaccine" that helps to solve, in most cases, the situation if the person is far away, want to try Italian RecallerProgram available in many pharmacies. The search for a specific vaccine is supported by the personalized results of observational work (CTS No. 99) made ​​with the region Lombardia.
  • Stool test to see if there is malabsorption, seeking Fungi and Candida, parasites and eggs, and assessing the chemical status fecal physical: whether there is an alteration of the absorption should be investigated and if allergies to wheat, gluten intolerance and lactose.
  • Administration of vitamins and minerals to recover the defensive capacity. In particular, we go to administer the compositions of Zinc, Copper, Selenium, Vitamin C (for example Oximix 1 + and 2 + Oximix )
  • Setting a proper diet, both as regards the control of the sugars to fast absorption, both with regard to food intolerances. The diet should not be either eliminative; the serious risks involved, and should facilitate the "weaning" and the recovery of a healthy and joyful.
  • Indication of a general overbalancing homeopathic medical (Stafisagria is often required, the remedy for those who have been powerless to respond ...)
  • Using acting remedy's defensive or of support for the mood ( St. John's Wort, mineral's detergents), and sometimes using serenely, for a short period of support, even drugs with psychotropic action, for example, to reduce the contractures at the level of the muscles of the hip and pelvis.
  • Local use of a mixture of essential oil of melaleuca 5 ml, 5 ml lavender basic oil and oil of hypericum 20 ml, prepared by the pharmacy or from the herbalist (1 to two times daily)
  • use by the general route of a suitable quantity of essential oil of Melaleuca (3 to six drops a day).

The treatment of PH:

  • Vaccine based on Aspergillus 6DH line AIR, which represents its treatment personnel and specific, identified through DRIA test (one capsule in the fasted for six months)
  • Administration of Oximix 1 + (two doses per day with meals)
  • Control diet to their specific allergies to milk and yeast, however, keeping a setting that controlled even the glycemic peaks, in compliance with dieta GIFT
  • Use 2 tablets for three months to the day of the Hypericum Extract 0.3% Hypericin (usually takes 2/3 the usual dosage) in support of his journey, also made up of four years of absence of intimacy with her husband.
  • Cycles colonizers intestinal (Biodophilus first, then Probiofor)
  • Four drops of needed oil of Melaleuca morning, and applications of a mixture of essential oil of lavender, essential oil of Melaleuca oil and Hypericum.

After 20 Giori therapy, Paola had lost 3 pounds, but she did not mind at all, and above all had had a hint of vaginal irritation reaction, regressed in short with the local use of the mixture of oils already described. He began to have sex with her husband, feeling to gradually dissolve the fears and obstacles that prevented them from living a happy sexual relationship in the past. Today Paula is one of our most active promoters and three months after the start, never had thrush or cystitis apiu (often alternating between them).

Therapy of acute Candida:
When a form of Candida appears suddenly, is not part of a chronic complex process, or in any case during the acute onset of candidiasis relapsing, one can use of instruments of immediate therapy with considerable advantage:

  • Taking a control of their food allergies for at least 7-15 days (acute attacks often come back to people who have too long neglected to do even one day of weekly check)
  • A Tube dose of Monilia or Candida 200 CH 200 CH
  • A set of minerals for a strong stimulating action on the immune system, for example, Oximix 1 + (two doses per day)
  • Black currant oil capsules in the dosage indicated (from 6 to nine capsules a day as anti-inflammatory)
  • 9 CH Orthohistaminum to counteract the inflammatory reaction (three granules 4.5 times per day)
  • Kreosotum 9 CH 3 granules 3-4 times a day to climb essential oil of Melaleuca at a dose of 3-6 drops orally two times a day.

In some cases, it may be helpful to an action of intestinal colonization with probiotics (e.g. Biodophilus or Probiofor) or an action of hepatic cleaning obtainable with Inositol.

The approach aims to reduce food dieta GIFT excess of sweets and refined carbohydrates, which feed candida and promote the ' overproduction of insulin, promoting inflammation and the intervention of the immune system should always check the food intolerance (in the case of candidiasis , they are often intolerant of yeast), which engage the immune system unnecessarily on the front of the food. Our experience has meant that we started with excellent results a scientific work with the region specifically oriented to the treatment of Candida.

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