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Bully professor

I just finished my first year of college. I thought all I had to do was go to class and then do my job. I knew I had to participate in group discussions. The teacher has entry points for participation if we do not express an opinion on certain issues. This has happened in my communication studies and English classes. I thought you could only go to class, do your homework and then leave? While you are making your vows, than anything that teachers want from you? Why force you to give your opinion on a topic that does not care? If you have a say in all cases, people just going to disagree with you and intimidated by thinking a certain way. In my communication studies class, I took off points because I did not want to give my opinion about sex before marriage. Everyone says how much fun it is, and it is not surprising. The teacher wanted my opinion, but I give mine, because I know that, everyone makes fun of me for not wanting to have sex before marriage or not wanting a girlfriend. I had no participation points for that day, although I went to class. Teachers cannot manage, not to give your opinion? I have one in my math and biology, but I have my B in communication studies and English classes. I'm not complaining, and I am a law student. I'm just trying to learn to live in a university environment.

students bully professor

I would like to speak with the teacher and explain a little 'how you think and what reality is like for you. You do not want to be the odd one out and be intimidated by their comments. You have a valid point and perhaps talk to you just the two of you.

yes; It's part of being in college and participation in seminars is to demonstrate that you are thinking about work and its application. The university is unusual from the previous one, and asks them to think for themselves, not immediately say again what you have learned. Is a way of becoming an adult and a person in its particular right with its own moral and point of view to back it up? This is the system might be different if he had enrolled in a course science, but he did, and yes it will dock marks go to see the student's advisor, is likely to have had this problem before and have already made alternative, but it is useless to argue with a current signed.

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