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Anosognosia after stroke

Anosognosia means that the patient has a lack of awareness of their hemi paralysis and does not experience the diseased body part as its own. There are patients with extreme degrees of this symptom that sometimes can report: "Doctor, there are some who have put an arm in my bed!"

Like other symptoms after strokes are disturbances in body perception spontaneous recovery. As a rule, the improve rapidly at first and slower later. The first week after the battle was about 40% of patients in a study able to copy a simple figure.

Neglect and anosognosia after first-ever stroke

A majority of them did, however, the task-a-half years afterward. However, it seems clear that a significant proportion of those who have had a stroke, perhaps around 15-20%, and later have to live with permanent non-linguistic disturbances in body perception.

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