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Behavioral changes after stroke

The most pronounced symptoms related to the behavior seen in injuries to the anterior part of the brain. Patients can view INITIATE to have been scheduling problems and uncritically or rude behavior. They may have poor insight into their situation, show markedly reduced tolerance for stress, and sometimes have a tendency to talk to uncontrolled pictures. These symptoms are particularly distressing for family members, and it is important to know the cause.

Loss of emotional control
A variation of failure behavior regulation represents a loss of emotional control ("emotional incontinence") or inappropriate crying and laughing. Events that are neutral or only slightly emotional charge can give rise to sharp cry, even if the patient does not necessarily feel sad. The symptom must therefore be distinguished from depression.

personality change after stroke some preliminary observations

Less often is the patient's lack of emotional control is positively charged, that is as powerful laugh that did not correspond to the situation. Such symptoms can be felt very distressing and socially disabling. In pronounced cases can be tried antidepressants against this phenomenon.

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