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Disturbances in body perception after stroke (Neglect)

Mrs. C was admitted to a hospital with a stroke with left-hemi paralysis. The first few days she lay and looked just right, and it was that she paid no attention to people who came to her bed from her left side. Later, when she came up in a wheelchair and ran down the hospital corridor, she clashed constantly with furniture, screens, beds and other things that were on her left side. She was easy to forget to take the left arm into the sleeve blouse.

Neglect means reduced attention to the body or the room on one side, usually the left. The parts are often in, respectively body neglect and visual (which has the vision to do) neglect. Eventually, both types occur simultaneously, and degree of neglect is very common with injuries in the right hemisphere. Patients with visual neglect are sometimes not the beginning of the lines when they are read. In pronounced cases, they eat merely the part of dinner ton tracks, which are located right on the plate. Patients with body neglect will often forget to dress properly on the left side of the body, and they may shave only half the face. They can have a significant risk of injury, eg. because they did not notice that the paralyzed arm hangs and throws or comes into the wheel of the wheelchair.

stroke neglect left side

The condition can be detected in different ways. For example. One can ask the patient to make a mark in the middle of a horizontal line on a paper (patient with visual neglect is not the center), to ask the patient to copy a simple figure (a cross, see figure), or enter numbers on a circle so that it is a clock face (see figure).

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