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Physiotherapy lymphedema


Physiotherapy at the Lymphedema
By using a special manual massage technique (complete decongestive therapy, CDT. CDT is an English term for what is referred to as KFL = Complete Physical Lymph them treatment), bandaging and the use of elastic compression stockings, lymphoedema can be reduced and kept under control.

CDT is a two-phase treatment program that requires a trained therapist. Successful treatment depends. Therefore, on whether there are health professionals who are trained in this treatment and are available to you.

The first phase, treatment phase, including a thorough skin and nail care, exercise therapy, manual lymphatic drainage and compression therapy. This treatment lasts for 2-4 weeks, and each treatment session lasts 60-90 minutes. Phase 1 ends with adaptation of compression stocking.

The second phase, maintenance phase, aims to maintain the treatment gains that were achieved in the first phase. It involves the use of compression stockings during the day, possibly compressing bandages for the night, still skin care and exercise and if necessary, manual lymphatic drainage performed by the patient. 1-4 treatments per month are common.

decongestive physiotherapy lymphedema

The effect of CDT is good, but the treatment requires careful adherence as a patient.

Manual lymphatic drainage is included in CDT. There is a massage-like technique that is performed by specially trained physiotherapists. Light pressure is used to mobilize edema fluid from the outer regions of a limb to the body close to areas of the limb to improve lymphatic drainage. Although there is little research on this method and the scientific usefulness of the effect is relatively poorly documented, and recommended treatment by expert groups.

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