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Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is not a disease but a collection of disorders in the body's implementation of nutrients (metabolism), which increases the risk of disease.

Metabolic syndrome includes changes such as high blood pressure, elevated insulin values, obesity and high-cholesterol levels. These disturbances increase the risk that you can develop diabetes, heart disease ( angina or heart attack ), narrow arteries in the legs or stroke.

Each of these disturbances is in itself a risk factor for other diseases. They act in combination (as a syndrome), however, these disruptions can significantly increase your risk of developing diseases that are actually life threatening.

Metabolic Syndrome Information

Metabolic syndrome is a common condition, and the incidence is increasing. Therefore, this is one of the areas of medicine that is given much attention. The positive aspect of the metabolic syndrome is that it is possible to halt the progression through lifestyle. That way, you can delay or prevent the development of the described diseases.

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