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Lymphedema management


What can you do?

  • You should avoid situations where the affected arm or leg (limb) is held motionless / passive hanging down, for example. prolonged standing, sitting, or sitting cross-legged. For some it may be useful to raise the foot of the bed.
  • Tight clothing should be avoided as it can be so narrow that it hugs the lymph rum.
  • If possible, avoid situations that could puncture or create damage in the skin.
  • Avoid excess weight, it will aggravate the condition.
  • On theoretical grounds it has been claimed that the flights may be a risk factor, but the conclusion from a long series of studies is that this risk is very low.
  • You should always use compression bandages or compression stockings to prevent fluid seeping into the tissue during the day.
  • After receiving training, you can benefit from conducting their own massage of the arm or leg in order to "milk" the swelling.
lymphedema management the comprehensive guide for practitioners

  • Physical exercise is recommended, particularly after breast cancer surgery. Movement exercises are recommended. Strengthening exercises have been discouraged because it increases blood flow and thus increase the lymphoedema. Recent studies suggest that weight training is beneficial and not harmful.

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