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Lymphedema treatment


What is the treatment?

"much can be achieved by treatment with a physiotherapist and with its own treatment."

There is no cure for this condition. However, much can be achieved by treatment with a physiotherapist and with its own treatment. Goal of treatment is to relieve discomfort and improve quality of life. It is also important to stop the deterioration and reduce the incidence of complications. If you start treatment early, it will likely be fewer fibrosies (formation of scar tissue).

Lymphedema is often difficult to treat, but with secondary lymphedema, the effect of measures better if the condition is diagnosed, and treatment is started early. Treatment usually consists of a series of measures: Exercise, skin care, compression bandages, compression stockings, manual therapy. The treatment of lymphedema is physiotherapy with a special form of massage, and a local treatment of skin infections as needed. Drugs have no place in the regular treatment of the condition.

lymphedema treatment options

Some physiotherapists have unusual training in treating lymphatic drainage. It used a technique which consists of a special form of massage that is followed by bandaging, and eventually adaptation of elastic stockings or bandages. Insurance providing full support to this treatment, which means that patients do not pay the deductible.

When the skin is swollen, it will easily crack, and this can provide entry for bacteria and subsequent inflammation of the skin. It is therefore, important to have good unhygienic, use of moisturizing creams and the like, especially if there are sores or cuts.

Various surgical procedures have been tried, but long-term results have generally been poor.

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