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Define lymphatic system

Lymphedema is a permanent condition that is challenging to treat. Because of impaired lymphatic drainage, an arm or a leg, less often two-sided, be permanently swollen. A distinction is made between a congenital type, and a type caused by another disease. Breast cancer and the consequences of it are the most common cause of lymphedema.

The lymphatic system
This document provides an overview of the lymphatic system, lymphedema and treatment. Scandinavian Forum for Lymfologi has prepared a thorough and more detailed text which can be found by following this link.

The blood is pumped around the body of the heart. From the heart emptied of blood into the aorta. From there the blood passes into the ever-narrowing arteries and arterioles. Finally, the blood flows slowly through the narrow blood vessels, capillaries (grayling caused rene). In the capillaries filtered fluid, proteins and nutrients through the capillary walls and into the tissue outside the blood vessels. The capillaries, therefore, ensure that all cells and tissues in the body get a steady supply of the necessary ingredients from the blood, including oxygen.

Normally, most of the liquid is filtered out of capillaries, taken up again in the capillaries. Some of the filtered, protein-rich fluid in the tissue does not return to the circulation, but is captured by the lymphatic system.

the define lymphatic system diagram

The lymphatic system is the body's drainage system. Excess fluid in the tissues and substances are captured by a dense network of lymph vessels. Lymph vessels in the tissue start out as very thin tubes that eventually converge and become larger lymphatic vessels. Excess fluid in the tissue is forced into the lymph vessels as a result of pressure from the surrounding structures, especially contractions of the muscles. When the liquid has entered the lymph vessels, the valves in lymph vessels prevent the fluid flows back, but pushed out of the tissue and into the greater lymphatic vessels The larger lymphatic vessels have force in vessel walls that promote the flow of lymph in the direction of the chest cavity.

The legs and arms there are two layers of lymphatic. A superficial lymphatics that drained the skin and under skin. And a system that drains deeper structures such as muscles and bones. The two systems in the legs and arms converge respectively in the groin and armpit (axilla).

The large lymph vessels empty at the end of major blood vessels (veins) in the chest cavity where the lymph mixed with blood.

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