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What is lymphatic system

What is lymphedema?
Edema is a term for swelling of blotdelsvev, and it can have many causes. Lymphedema is a special type of edema caused by reduced transport capacity of the lymphatic system. For some reason, blocked lymph vessels (secondary lymphedema) or too few lymphatics (primary lymphedema). Because of the reduced transport capacity will seep into the lymph tissue and cause swelling, especially in the arms and / or legs. If the swelling is left long, it will eventually develop an inflammatory reaction that causes a fibrosis (formation of scar tissue) in the area of ​​edema. One such fibrosis will not be able to return to any great extent.

Lymphedema is divided as indicated, into two groups, primary and secondary:

Primary lymphedema is an inherited disease with no other known underlying cause.
Secondary lymphedema is caused by a disease that blocks the lymphatic drainage due to changes in the lymph nodes or lymph vessels.

what is the role of the lymphatic system

Primary lymphedema is a rare condition, while the secondary edema is far more common. In the Western world is minor lymphoedema occurring after treatment for cancer, the most communal. It is especially women who are operated and any. radiation treatment for breast cancer, and who gets a thick arm. Parts of the lymphatic system can then be removed during surgery or damaged by radiation therapy.

In global terms, the filariasis (elephantiasis) leading cause of lymphedema and may be the explanation for lymphedema in people who come from tropical countries.

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