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Pulmonary edema treatment

Acute pulmonary edema : How do you treat acute pulmonary edema?
Extra oxygen is often the first step in the treatment of acute pulmonary edema. Usually the oxygen via a face mask or via a nasal catheter. It will relieve some of your symptoms. Sometimes it is necessary to help you breathe with a breathing machine (ventilator). Depending on your condition, you may receive one or more of the following drug:

  • Diuretic. The remedy helps to excrete excess fluid from your body.
  • Morphine. This drug has been central to the treatment of acute pulmonary edema in many years. It reduces both respiratory problems and the accompanying anxiety. However, new drugs are about to make the excess morphine.
  • Blood vessel expanding agent. These drugs dilate the blood vessels and reduce the pressure on the left ventricle.
  • Albyl-E This remedy helps to thin your blood so that it flows more easily through the small blood vessels.
  • Blood Pressure Medicine. If you have high blood pressure when acute pulmonary edema occurs, you will get the medication that lowers blood pressure. Conversely - if your blood pressure is too low, you will receive medication that raises blood pressure.

the pulmonary edema treatment guidelines

Acute pulmonary edema Complications
Untreated causes an acute pulmonary edema to death. In some cases, it leads to death, even if you are undergoing treatment. The result depends in part on the heart and lung condition before you developed pulmonary edema, and the amount of fluid in the lungs.

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