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Nursing Specialty / Pediatric

Specialty Nursing
The Dm 739/94 identifies five main areas of additional training nursing: public health, pediatrics, mental health / psychiatry, geriatrics, critical area.

Other specialties are also active, including:

  • Legal and forensic nursing
  • Nursing war
  • Nursing in critical
  • Geriatric Nursing in area
  • Pediatric nursing area
  • Nursing in nephrology and dialysis in Nursing
  • In oncology nursing and palliative care in nursing

  • Nursing in the operating room
  • Nursing in mental health and psychiatric nursing
  • Public Health Nursing
  • Nurse case manager
  • Nursing Management for the functions of coordination

Pediatric Nursing

Among the specialties in nursing is particularly important that the pediatric or the time to treatment and care of children, there are two different training courses for childcare. Master's degree in a pediatric area (60 credits), for those who have already acquired a degree in nursing, or a degree course in pediatric nursing for a period of three years (180 CFU ) after which you acquired the title of pediatric nurse. The pediatric nurse can carry out its activity is in direct contact with patients and in other areas such as prevention and research, or in-field management.

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