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To mothers who have 2 children 19 months apart

Cuckoo moms! I wanted my testimony added, even if is more than 8 years!! My daughters are 18 and a half months away but at the time we did not have a lot of ways. So here's how we did: 1. We kept the same stroller that still left in the pram position cad file completely flat (ie a model Perego gift birth of my eldest) in the protected part of the roof, I put the baby and the eldest s 'sit in front. When the baby got bigger, the eldest already worked. And if she tired, we always found a way to put the two in the stroller. It was the costo!! So we did not repurchase stroller and have not regretted it.

This stroller has even served afterwards to my nephew! 2. For the bed, the elder went directly to a crib that I chose there. I installed it in the bed before the baby is born, but if she wanted to, she could get into her old bed bar. She quickly saw the benefits of the low bed because she could then get up when she wanted!! At first baby slept in my room in a bassinet that had lent me. It is only about 2 months old when she made her nights she joined her sister in the big bed in the bar.

They have always slept together afterwards! 3. I have not invested in a second high chair. Consider that the second will not eat sitting eight months before his concoctions. In the meantime, I used the infant seat. When the second started eating in the high chair, the elder had already 2 years and 3 months. Mine much preferred to eat with us at the table to remain in a high chair! But it depends on his resourcefulness. Mine already ate alone at this age long. 4. For the seat, same story.

We had a newborn seat and another seat for more 9kgs. The elder contine to use the car seat until the second to make the weight to move in the other seat (about 9 months). Then I bought a booster. But check my eldest was the size and weight regulations to move to a booster seat. Otherwise, you can find user seats. Sailboat, here. I did not find it hard, however. Since I was in diapers ... and at least the girls do absolutely everything together now! If it again, that would be the same!!

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