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X-ray of the heart

What is X-ray of the heart?
This is a relatively rough survey and provide any detailed information about the heart. The study assessed cardiac size and shape.

When X-rays of the heart?
The study used less today than before because plain radiographs of the chest shows the impact of heart disease on the lungs and lung caves, and because echocardiography provides better information about the heart's appearance and function.

The survey requires no preparation. You must be stripped top and necklaces must be removed. The image is taken as a normal lung image. The front image and a side image is taken while standing, inhale and hold your breath. Front image must be properly exposed to x-ray the doctor can see calcifications inside the heart and any abnormal contours. Your height and weight must be stated that the radiology doctor will be able to calculate the size of the heart. The survey takes only a few minutes.

What discoveries can be made?
The heart may be enlarged, it may have changed shape, there may be calcification of the heart valves or heart lining (pericardium) outside the heart. Sometimes it can also be seen changes in the main artery that runs from the heart.

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