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Scintigraphy of the heart

The heart is covered with an outer membrane, the pericardium. Exterior of the heart we find the heart's own arteries, coronary arteries, which supply the heart muscle (myocardium) with blood. When coronary artery disease is narrowing and closing of sections of coronary arteries to the heart muscle is insufficient oxygen supply.What is imaging?

What is imaging?
Scintigraphy is a survey in which the body is supplied small amounts of radioactive substances (radiofarmakon or isotopes). The study takes place in two stages. First, the injected radioactive substances directly into the bloodstream. These drugs are designed so that they primarily concentrated in the organs of the body you wish to examine. This may take some time, so there is no waiting time between injection and image recording. Using a device that detects the radiation from substances, it forms a picture - a scintigram. The image is a collection of points. Computer technology can be used to create information-rich images that professionals can interpret.

What is a myocardial perfusion scan?
Scintigraphy of the heart is a bloodless isotopunder survey heart. The study carried out with the use of computer technology that makes it possible to make cut images of the heart (computed tomography). The images show how the radioactive elements are distributed in heart muscle. How do you get pictures of the blood supply to the different areas of the heart muscle, and any areas with reduced blood supply can be detected. The method also makes it possible to assess and measure the function of the heart.

When done myocardial scintigraphy?
This is a special examination performed on patients with fuzzy heart disease (angina pectoris or myocardial infarction). There may be patients with abnormal exercise ECG without chest pain, patients with typical chest pain and patients with angina pain but with normal exercise ECG. There may be patients suspected of having a heart attack, but the usual tests do not provide a clear answer about the condition. Sometimes used the study to clarify whether proven narrow coronary arteries is of importance. The survey can also identify the extent of damage after a heart attack. In some cases, doing research for heart surgery to assess the risks of the procedure. The survey can also be used to assess how successful PTCA has been, or whether a bypass vein is clogged.

The radioactive substance is administered blood through intravenous injection. Thallium is concentrated in heart muscle cells and uptake by the cells is proportional to blood flow. That is, the areas of the heart with reduced blood flow appear as areas of reduced uptake. The test is performed during physical load on the cycle ergometer or treadmill, or by administering a drug. New pictures taken after a few hours of rest. Location and extent of areas with decreased blood flow assessed, and it can distinguish between areas that have transient or permanent renal blood flow by comparing images taken during exercise and at rest.

The survey may also be used to measure blood flow through the heart. The images used to calculate how well the heart empties. The survey can be useful in patients with valvular disease and suspected renal force of the heart muscle, heart failure. One can also analyze the motion of the heart wall in patients with angina pectoris or myocardial infarction, and identify areas with reduced mobility or with signs of ballooning of the heart (aneurysm).

Patient Preparation
Follow the instructions that apply to your hospital. In broad terms, however, apply the following:

Ideally, you should be fasting for 8 hours before the test, but you can possibly drink some water. If you are charged on an exercise bike, it may be an advantage if you have taken a light meal a few hours prior to the test.

Should you be tested with the drug adenosine, it is important that before the survey have not been drinking tea, coffee, cocoa or other caffeinated drinks, or you've eaten chocolate or taken asthma medicine theophylline. Should you be tested with the drug dobutamine, have stopped any treatment with beta blockers after appointment with your doctor. You should not have taken Viagra in the past day.

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