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First aid for acute chest pain

First aid for acute chest pain

Acute chest pain may be a sign of an acute myocardial infarction. A life-threatening condition that requires hospitalization immediately.


  • A heart attack caused by a blockage, typically a blood clot which is formed inside an artery (artery) that bring blood to part of the heart muscle
  • The blockage results in this part of the heart muscle loses blood supply and the consequences of blockage depends on the amount of heart muscle that deprived blood supply. Whatever occurs in the majority of cases, acute chest pain
  • The most serious complication of a heart attack is that there is an error in the heart rhythm - asystole or ventricular fibrillation - which leads to cardiac
  • If you suspect a heart attack, ask the patient rest and make sure they come to the hospital as quickly as possible

Typical symptoms and signs

    Chest pain, constricted end, may radiate into the jaw and into the arms
    Clammy and cold sweating
    Nausea and vomiting
    Any breathing difficulty
    Alternatively, dizziness and fainting
    Alternatively blue lips


  • Get the person to sit down
        It is best if you get that person to lean back and rest your back against a wall or chair back so that the head and shoulders is supported and your knees are bent

  • Call 113 or call for otherwise acute medical care
  •     Do you live far from the hospital or doctor, it can sometimes be quicker to get the patient into a car and drive to the nearest hospital
  •        Alternatively, it may be necessary to use air ambulance
  •         If you have a heart attack, never drive themselves
  •     Take one tablet salicylate
  •         Eg. Dispril, Albyl, Aspirin - chew it to accelerate uptake
  •         If the patient has angina medicine nitroglycerin, should be taken
  •     Begin CPR
  •         If the patient is unconscious, it may be that the emergency medical center calling (113) instructs you to start CPR
  •         Even if you have no training in it, can you explain how to do it
  •         Keep doing this until help arrives

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