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Vaginal infections


Vaginal infections will affect 75% of women at least once in their lifetime. That's a lot of women that!

Vaginitis (as it is also called) can be caused by infectious or not. If bacteria, parasites and even viruses can be responsible for vaginitis in 90% of cases, it is a fungus that normally lives in the vagina of course, but also in the mouth, digestive tract and even the skin is involved. Which awakens the small mushrooms in question is an imbalance in the pH, that is to say, the acidity of the vagina. Taking antibiotics, menstruation, pregnancy, hygiene and clothing are all possible causes.

Tight clothing such as jeans tight fitting, wet bathing suits, underwear and nylon tights retain body heat and create moisture, which is conducive to the proliferation of yeast fungi. Clothes looser-fitting, natural fiber and white are recommended.

How to tell if you are suffering from a vaginal infection?
For a first infection, only a doctor can really confirm and recommend the right treatment. Those who have had vaginitis will tell you, there are signs that do not lie: vaginal itching, loss odorless, but very thick and white - a bit like sour milk - and it can go as far as pain during intercourse. For a first infection, if you are pregnant or if in doubt at all, is really best to consult a doctor.

Vaginal yeast infection are 10 to 20 times more frequent during pregnancy. The increase of pH and glucose levels during pregnancy is responsible.

Vitamins A and C and zinc help protect the vaginal wall and stimulating immune function. It is however recommended to avoid sugar, fruit juice and food allergens.

Avoid perfumed soaps and bubble baths, as well as toilet paper, tampons or pantiliners with perfume.

Choose unscented products!
Clean, rinse and dry the genital area properly.
Beware Douching: they alter the natural balance of the vaginal flora.
Regularly change tampons and sanitary napkins.
Wear cotton underwear (avoid nylon) and avoid wearing tight pants.
Wash underwear bleach in hot water to kill germs.
Consumption of yogurt containing live cultures of Lactobacillus acidophillus vaginal flora may help to regain his balance. It is believed that ingested probiotics are transferred from the anus to the vagina.


Only women who have already been diagnosed with fungal infection and who are familiar with symptoms should use prescription drugs without prior consultation. Otherwise, about a quarter of women is wrong in its self-diagnosis and treatment using is not appropriate to his condition.

Because there are several, you are perhaps a little indecisive at the counter pharmacy? Typically, it takes a treatment that lasts 7 days if we repeated vaginal infections, so it is not the first product that you choose, it is for those who already have experience of the situation! As for treatments 1 or 3 days, it usually returns the same! The only thing to remember is that even if you take a one-day treatment, it must still three days for symptoms to disappear, so it's really a matter of taste. If it happens that the cream formula relieves itching faster than tablets, it has the disadvantage of some dirty underwear, so you think to bring a panty.

Do not forget to also treat the partner! Men do not seek for it, even though they carry the same mushrooms, because they have no symptoms. Yet, as they may be carriers without knowing these men will contaminate their partner again at the first opportunity. The best thing to do is buy a treatment that will treat both partners every time.

You do not need to suffer, there are good treatments on the market! Consult a pharmacist to sort the products offered and choose the one that suits you best.

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