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Stress increased premenstrual symptoms

High doses of stress can increase women premenstrual symptoms, according to an announcement from the National Institute of Health (NIH).

Researchers at the National Institute of Child Health & Human Development (NICHD) studied ovarian function during the menstrual cycle in healthy women. Their findings published in the Journal of Women's Health show that women most stressed in the two weeks preceding their rules have symptoms' psychological and physiological "stronger, including cravings, mood changes, pain, crying, fatigue and cramps.

Audra Gollenbergdu NICHD researcher explains: "It is possible to reduce or prevent the severity of these symptoms with techniques that help women to cope more effectively with stress such as biofeedback, sports or relaxation."

"Some women with more severe symptoms may use drugs. However, future studies will highlight the stress reduction techniques can provide an effective alternative to medications for some women, "said Mary Hediger, NICHD.

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