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Power to the rescue of SPM

Power to the rescue of SPM

Did you know that diet can help you control the famous PMS? Depression, irritability, mood swings, discomfort ... 8 out of 10 women experience emotional and physical changes to the arrival of menstruation.

Did you know that diet can help you control the famous PMS? Here's how ...

Calcium: a critical
A diet rich in calcium reduce the occurrence of premenstrual symptoms. In a U.S. study, researchers asked 500 women taking supplements of 1200 mg calcium or placebo every day for three menstrual cycles. In the third cycle, the physical and psychological symptoms were halved in women who received calcium supplement!

Eat at least 3 servings of calcium-rich foods each day, such as milk, yogurt and hard cheeses.

Complex carbohydrates in the dish
Sugar cravings, you know? According to some scientists, the consumption of carbohydrates cause chemical changes in the brain and act positively on the mood of women with PMS.

Frequent small meals rich in complex carbohydrates (whole grains, vegetables and fruits) can help alleviate mood swings caused by PMS. And avoid sweets and pastries that merely bring more calories!

Salt: attention to swelling!
Water retention and abdominal bloating are among the many symptoms associated with PMS. Limit your intake of salt and you will feel lighter!

Limit your intake of table salt, salty foods (chips, sausages, etc..) And processed foods (biscuits commercial and frozen prepared meals, etc.)..

Supplements unnecessary
While taking a daily supplement of 200 to 400 mg of magnesium also help to relieve symptoms related to PMS, its effects would be less effective than calcium supplements. Regarding the vitamin B6, they do not contribute to reduce the discomfort associated with PMS. In addition, high doses (over 100 mg per day), vitamin B6 can have adverse effects on the nervous system.

Healthy eating habits can help reduce symptoms related to PMS: a diet low in fat and salt and high in fruits, vegetables and whole grain products. Dress up any control techniques of stress, a good nights sleep and regular physical activity, and you will find your sunny days!

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