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Headache: What is it definition?

Headache: What is it?

Headaches or headaches are a very common symptom and is found in many diseases, the most benign to the most serious. Headaches can be acute (sudden, recent) or chronic for several weeks, they may evolve in paroxysms and calm down or otherwise be permanent, and finally the location of the headache is variable: the pain is always located at the skull but can be unilateral (one side affected) or bilateral achieve a localized area or on the contrary the entire skull.

The main causes are migraine, cluster headache, chronic daily headache, tension headache or a surge of hypertension. Other more serious diseases such as stroke (CVA), a tumor or meningitis are rare and occur with other symptoms associated with headache. Fortunately, most headaches are not serious.

What are the risks and health issues headache?

The International Headache Society and the World Health Organization ranked the headache according to their causes and their frequencies, although precise epidemiological data are lacking. Headache, including tension headache, migraine, cluster headache and chronic daily headache, are responsible for a disability which may be important for patients.

Just for tension headaches, it is estimated that in industrialized countries, they affect more than 80% of women. Similarly, nearly one in 20 adults suffer from headaches almost every day. WHO has placed 19th among migraine causes of disability-adjusted life years.

What are the mechanisms of headache?

Migraine is a condition where the precise cause remains unknown. Familial predisposition and triggers have been identified, such as stress, rules, alcohol or certain foods.

The cluster headache is probably a phenomenon related to blood vessels causing headache attacks around the orbit of the eye, with associated signs such as watery eyes or a runny nose. Alcohol is a trigger seizures.

Chronic daily headache (CCQ) often follow an episode of migraine or tension headache can evolve into chronic headaches, including drug abuse and psychological factors that maintain the headaches.

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