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A diet? And if your cycle could talk?

A diet? And if your cycle could talk?

Summer is finally here! As every year, magazines and other media assail us the latest diet promising to lose several pounds in a short time. You are tempted?

The machine cult of thinness is launched. We suffer the attention of others on our bodies and remain critical of our forms. This hunt grease is really legitimate? Fat is it not important for our health?

The role of fat
The grease used to support deep organs, protection against cold and energy reserve in case of insufficient supply, but not only that. Body fat influences the fertility of women. Fatty tissue converts androgens in the blood estrogen, the female sex hormones involved in the control of the menstrual cycle. One third of total estrogen produced during the woman's fertile life comes from fat.

A fat enough
Women have less body fat produce estrogen less powerful are less able to control the cycle. In addition, they have more globulins in the blood that capture estrogen. They have less free estrogen can play their role.

Very thin women, the hypothalamus does not stimulate FSH and LH hormones that control the ovarian cycle. This explains why anorexic women often have a lack of menstruation.

A too abundant fat
By cons, overweight women have high levels of estrogen that interferes with the functioning of the corpus luteum (follicle burst left in the ovary after expulsion of the ovum) and progesterone decreases. Excess estrogen can also interfere with thyroid function by blocking cell receptors that respond to thyroid hormone. The decrease in thyroid function promotes the storage of body fat increases estrogen levels even more.

Knowing your healthy weight
The first instinct is to calculate the body mass index (BMI). But it does not take into consideration the age, the frame or the source weight (muscle or fat).

According to a Harvard study conducted by Rose E. Frisch, the fat must be 22% of the total weight having a regular menstrual cycle. The proper functioning of our body is it not the best indicator of our health?

Knowledge cycle can confirm a healthy weight may be different from the idealized weight in your head. The sympto-thermal method is a natural method that allows women to embrace their cycle. It can detect the fertile period and the period infertile cycle by taking daily temperature and record the characteristics of the cervical mucus and cervix. With this method, women can discover the cycle irregularities. Women underweight and overweight often have long cycles, poor cervical mucus, insufficient progesterone and irregular cycles.

It should be noted that infertility problems are due to lack of more fat than overweight. So, ladies, let us more influenced by the hype around the thinness, but let's listen to our bodies and our fertility.

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