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What are the benefits of sweeteners? Tips

Sweeteners - Tips

What are the benefits of sweeteners?

• Sucralose: molecule derived from sugar sweetness highest (600 times that of sugar). Very stable, it can be used hot or cold.
• Aspartame: very high sweetening power (200 times that of sugar), no aftertaste and a flavor similar to sugar, which are the most intense sweetener used.
• Acesulfame-K: sweetness 100-200 times than sugar and high stability to heat and acidic environments.
• Saccharin (the oldest): very high sweetening power (300 times higher than sugar).
They favor including the prevention of caries by reducing the number of bacteria present in the mouth.
Although they are made from sugars (mostly from fruit and corn syrup), they are not considered as sugars, but as bulk sweeteners (occupying the same volume as sugar).
This is why the word "sugar free" on the packaging of products containing polyols (such as chewing gum).

What are the disadvantages of sweeteners?

• Saccharin: unpleasant metallic aftertaste.
• Aspartame: poor resistance to heat and acidity that make it lose its sweet taste, which is why it is often associated with acesulfame-K more stable.
• Acesulfame-K: bitter aftertaste.
• Polyols: Risk of gastrointestinal disorders (abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, laxative effect).

What should I be wary?

Be wary of some products in which the absence of sugar is offset by a higher rate of fat (so read the label); abuse of drink "light" sweeteners in children and also in some adults.

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