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Definition of angina viral

Viral pharyngitis

Angina is a common and banal inflammation of the tonsils (also called tonsillitis) responsible for pain on swallowing. 50 to 90% are viral tonsillitis. Angina is caused by viral virus, usually the same as the common cold or winter infections.

Antibiotics are ineffective against the virus, in addition, they can not prevent secondary bacterial infections or accelerate healing.

Risks and consequences of viral angina
9,000,000 angina are diagnosed each year and 90% of acute tonsillitis are caused by viruses, especially in adults, but in infants and children under 3 years.
They do not expose complications, unlike strep throat.
8 million antibiotics are prescribed each year yet.

Causes and origins of angina

The virus involved in viral angina are adenovirus, influenza virus, respiratory syncytial virus or parainfluenza virus, they have a particular tropism for ENT (nose, throat and ear) and are therefore responsible for tonsillitis, but also other winter bronchitis nasopharyngitis or by changing epidemics.

More rarely, the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) is involved and causes infectious mononucleosis.

Signs and symptoms of angina

Like all angina, pain on swallowing symptom is present. Sensitive glands in the neck and chin are also symptoms that frequently accompany angina.

The following symptoms are very much in favor of a viral sore throat:

- The absence of fever (fever or low)
- Gradual onset
- The existence of a cough, hoarseness, runny nose, conjunctivitis, diarrhea

Viral pharyngitis Prevention

With what should we be confused?

It should not be confused angina angina bacterial and viral. Angina virus has no danger or complications and therefore does not require antibiotics. In contrast, bacterial streptococcal angina requires antibiotic treatment to prevent complications (mainly kidney and heart).

In rare cases, angina sign viral infectious mononucleosis with severe fatigue for several weeks. A blood sample (MNI-test) can make the diagnosis.

Is there a prevention possible?

Viral tonsillitis contagious so avoid exchanging glasses and cutlery, to embrace children and it is better to wash your hands frequently and have proper hygiene.

Wearing a surgical-type mask to protect his entourage droplets of saliva projected. Similarly, better not to approach within one meter of an infected person.

Viral pharyngitis Preparing consultation

When to consult?

Pain on swallowing, associated fever, should motivate a consultation with a doctor to rule out a bacterial origin and realize a rapid diagnostic test (RDT). The TDR will be negative in the case of viral origin and thus dispense the prescription of antibiotics.

What is the doctor?

Medical consultation includes a comprehensive review and an examination of the throat with a flashlight and a tongue depressor. The classic "Say A" allows the doctor to better see the gorge. The appearance can be red or white spots scattered (called angina or angina érythématopultacée white) and there is nothing to distinguish between viral or bacterial origin. Palpation of the cervical lymph highlights.

The key consideration is the rapid diagnostic test. This test, simple and painless, involves taking a sample from the bottom of the throat and place it on a reagent, the whole is less than 5 minutes and can tell if the sore throat is strep or not. If the test is negative, symptomatic treatment only: analgesics against pain, fever antipyretics against local and mouthwashes. If the test is positive, an antibiotic will be prescribed. TDR avoids unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions.

How to prepare my next visit?

Viral tonsillitis can last several days. Only effective treatment is symptomatic (against fever and pain) take antibiotics "self-medication" does not accelerate healing and could instead select germs. However, if fever persists beyond eight days, a further consultation is required.

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