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Choosing a moisturizer

Choosing a moisturizer: what your talking about?

Choosing the right moisturizer, what is it? This is simply essential for skin supple and hydrated. But in the midst of the wide variety of creams available, it is sometimes very difficult to locate ... How to choose a moisturizer, and according to what criteria? Focus on the importance of having one (or more) good (s) cream (s) moisturizer (s) ...

What is the moisturizer?
To prevent feelings of tightness and imperfections of skin sufficiently hydrated and protected, it is essential to apply a daily moisturizer, as a cream, emulsion or gel. The upper layers of the epidermis are hydrated barrier against external skin will be renewed and find some of its elasticity and suppleness.

What cream for any type of skin?

There are three types of skin: normal skin, combination skin or oily and dry or sensitive skin.

Normal skin is neither too oily nor too dry, they are often brilliant in the middle part (forehead, nose, chin) with discomfort on the cheeks if they are not sufficiently hydrated.

Oily or mixed skin are brilliant with small imperfections, including pores sometimes prone to blackheads.

The dry or sensitive skin are often reactive to cold, water or wind. They "pull" and often have a great need to be hydrated and protected against external aggressions.

As professional (le) s facials, some brands can help you determine your skin type with a short questionnaire online or in stores.

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