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Male contraception

Male contraception: what do we talk about?
If women are spoiled for choice to find a suitable contraceptive their love life, the range of male contraceptives is reduced to a trickle: one side the condom on the other vasectomy surgery often permanent .
The condom has the double advantage of providing a reliable and practice of contraception and protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms are made ​​of latex, the sap of the rubber tree. Almost 1% of the population is allergic to natural rubber, however, so there are non-latex condoms (polyurethane) and other depleted latex proteins, which contain only traces of the allergen.

How to use a condom?

As stated by INPE (National Institute for Prevention and Health Education): "Condoms are only effective if they are used for all sexual intercourse at any time during a woman's cycle, because n 'there is no safe period. " Still according to the Inpes "If they are used properly, there are only 3% of failures. With a less "careful" failures can be larger, up to 14%. "

Family planning and recommends to "put the condom on before any penetration. In fact, during the report and before ejaculation, there may be emission of seminal fluid that contains sperm. " You must also use a new condom every time. To reduce the risk of condom breakage, you can use a lubricant water based lubricants and especially avoid fats that weaken the latex making it porous and permeable.

Where this method of contraception?

Condom requires no prescription and can be found at 20 cents each into supermarkets, tobacco, schools, bars and nightclubs. The brands stand out by offering different sizes, textures, colors, lubricants and even different flavors. Always choose condoms marked with the CE (European Community) and be careful not to exceed the expiration date.

Male contraception Tips

Vasectomy surgery

Uncommon, where it has long been regarded, wrongly, as a mutilation or castration, vasectomy was authorized in 2001.

This short surgery involves cutting a few millimeters the vas deferens through which sperm pass during ejaculation.

The sperm is in fact produced by the testes and stored in the epididymis, a sort of small tank on each testicle, from which the vas deferens. This is not a sterilization since the testicles continue to produce sperm after operation.

What are the consequences of vasectomy on sexuality?

There is none. Sperm accounts for only a small percentage of ejaculation. Following surgery, the sperm can not get out, but do not accumulate much in the genital tract. They stay a few days before dying and being absorbed by macrophages.

Vasectomy is irreversible?

Almost. An operation, vasovasectomie helps restore their functions vas deferens. This is a delicate operation that the success rate of just over 50%. It is therefore essential to have matured his decision before resorting to vasectomy for contraception. We can also recommend to create an account at a sperm bank for future offspring by artificial insemination.

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