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At each time its aphrodisiac

"The right lung of a vulture's skin knotted in a crane is a powerful aphrodisiac." This remedy most sophisticated, it is Pliny the Elder reported that in his Natural History, monumental encyclopedia written in the first century after Christ. Each time and knows its aphrodisiac. After potions of Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance are tireless lovers use spices, fruits, vegetables, whereas today, the chemical seems in tune with the times.

A question of culture

The various substances used to multiply the potency of men, to turn the heads of women and sometimes even for chilling the hottest, are to be compared with the accepted symbolism in every culture. Leeks, asparagus, cucumbers, testicles bull shark fins, rhino horns have long flattered imagination. Oysters and mussels as well.

Alcohol also through the Greek god Dionysus (Greek god of vine and wine), was advised, although we now know that if a glass of wine inhibitions, intoxication causes the most pronounced nasty disappointments. We also commend the virtues of ginseng energizing whose qualities are known. Chocolate has long raised fantasies and known to fans as famous as Casanova. This also praised the merits of cantharides fly.

It even treats manufactured from dried body of the insect, which was not actually a fly, but a beetle. But their use was not safe since the "Spanish fly" can lead to serious kidney problems.

Today, the drug passes for aphrodisiac and many are willing to put themselves at risk to benefit from its supposed effects. Amphetamines, exciting on the psychological level, however, do not achieve feats, like cocaine, poppers, mescaline.

The myth becomes reality

Aphrodisiacs are therefore the myth become reality ... but with the ability to persuade men of the truth of their almost magical power. To explain the phenomenon, we must first separate well the excitement of desire. As explained sexologist Maryvonne Desbarats: "The excitement is the physiological vasocongestion."
By simple stimulation, a man can have an erection without feeling desire. "If aphrodisiac is a factor of vasodilatation, such as chocolate or chili, so it can promote vasocongestion, but we can not say he is able to trigger it," she says.

In contrast, aphrodisiac plays full of desire, allowing the one who consumes to get into a mental state conducive to the emergence of desire. "The aphrodisiac by stimulating the imagination and desire to lend the eroticization mental," Judge Maryvonne Desbarats. It is as if women and men played believing in the virtues aphrodisiacs.

And this approach is undeniably effective. Their magic limit itself to the love tasting like placebos.

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