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How to prevent premenstrual syndrome?

The lifestyle, behavioral therapy and stress management have a strong impact on the signs, but unpredictably. Take care of yourself, give yourself time and consideration, namely express their grievances are certainly useful decisions, given the importance they have on brain biochemistry, conductor undisputed female cycle.
Cognivo-behavioral therapies have good results in the management of signs.

Not to be confused with anything?
It is difficult to mistake the signs as soon as the cycle ends with the disappearance of signs. However, it is important to be wary of diseases increase premenstrual asthma, lupus, headaches, etc..

And especially wary of endometriosis more common (under the influence of environmental endocrine disruptors?) And widely underdiagnosed.

PMS Preparing consultation

When to see a doctor?
From onset of symptoms to quickly find the appropriate treatment. Women should dare talk to their gynecologist or their GP rather than wait ten years! Especially since the doctor groped usually a bit before finding the most effective treatment staff.

What is the doctor?
He carefully examines and interrogates the woman and search for causes, curable or not, the signs described endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, other gynecological pathology and / or endocrine unknown.

It assesses the impact of signs on the daily life and the risk of a mental disorder known or "limit", such as depression.

A blood test may be necessary and an ultrasound of the pelvis (lower abdomen).

What are the treatment of premenstrual syndrome?
Treatments vary depending on the case and are personalized.
Blocking cyclic hormonal variations is usually effective. It is practiced with estrogen-progestin pill as the woman does not want a pregnancy. Its continuous shooting have more effect than taking sequentially.

Sometimes the pill itself is responsible for premenstrual syndrome. To remedy this, a new oral contraceptive containing a different progestin, drospirenone has been proposed. But it does not seem to have more favorable effects against another premenstrual syndrome (Cochrane database of systematic reviews, 2009).

The hormonal blockade can also be done with analogues of GnRH (pituitary hormone).
Premenstrual dysphoric syndrome should be treated properly with antidepressants most often (serotonin, type Prozac). But their acceptance is not always easy.

Homeopathy and thalassotherapy can give good results. Herbal medicine should consider intake phytoestrogens, the advice of a health professional is advisable.

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