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Hormonal contraception: what do we talk about?

Hormonal contraception
Contraception includes all reversible methods used to having sex without risk of pregnancy. Contraception thus allows the population to have children when she wants. Hormonal contraception, the pill is the most representative is the most used. The first pill, developed by American Gregory Pincus, was authorized in the United States in 1960, but it was not until 1967 that the law of the Member Lucien Neuwirth legalized contraception.

Today, oral contraception is free for the minor does not require parental consent and is issued on prescription. Hormonal contraception is a very effective if taken regularly and oblivion. There are two types of pills depending on the composition of hormones (estrogen and progesterone): The combined oral contraceptive pills and progestin-only pills (minipills called progestin).

The contraceptive patch is also a hormone which device is placed on the skin and contains a combination identical to that of a combined pill. The patch is effective one week and you must stick a patch a week, three weeks out of four. The cons-indications are the same as the pill.

There is also a contraceptive ring, to be placed in the vagina for three weeks and remove the fourth week.

Risks and consequences of hormonal contraception?

Prevention of unwanted pregnancies and fewer abortions (abortions) are public health priorities. Indeed, the number of abortions in the order of 200 000 abortions / year. The number of abortion does not decrease almost since the 1990s. Younger women are particularly affected: 10 000 pregnancies adolescents (in 15-18 years), 6000 result in an abortion. prevention campaigns are important, particularly in schools: each sex must be protected with a condom and then, if more serious relationship and after completion of a screening test for HIV (AIDS), use of the pill.

What are the mechanisms of hormonal contraception?

The pills contain hormones similar to those manufactured by the body naturally. The combined oral contraceptive pills (called combined because they result from the combination of an estrogen and a synthetic progestin) block ovulation and thicken the mucus, preventing sperm recovery.

The minipills Progestin pills "microdosees" contain only low-dose progestogens are taken continuously. They also thicken the mucus, mucous membranes and alter certain block ovulation. They are slightly less effective than combined oral contraceptive pills combined but can be used in case of cons-indication to them.

How does this manifest itself on?

The first pill should begin the first day of menstruation: take one tablet daily at the same time until the end of the plate. According pill used, it takes the number of days indicated before starting the next pack.

Protection remains effective even during the shutdown period, during which the rules occur.
If vomiting or severe diarrhea, there is a risk that the pill has not been digested. So do not hesitate to take a pill on a plate equivalent parts.

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