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AIDS testing

When to test for AIDS?

If 48 hours have passed, it will take 10-15 days to make a test and whether or not you are infected (e).

After a high-risk sex

Before 48h: Emergency Treatment.

10-15 days: Test possible, but not negative 100% reliable.

3 months: Negative 100% reliable.

Where do the testing?

Consultation in a free and anonymous screening (CDAG) or in a medical laboratory (with an order in this case).

1. You did a blood test.

. You come back and you are given the results of your test.

3. Whether you seronegative or seropositive, we must continue to protect you (condoms, injections disposable).

Result of the test: positive or negative, what does that mean?

If the result is positive, it means you are HIV positive, HIV. It is very important to consult a specialist HIV to receive good medical care. This allows to preserve his health and, if necessary, receive treatment. Today, you can live long with HIV, but it is necessary to get good medical follow.

Sometimes the test is indeterminate or partially successful. This may be due to another disease or the fact that we have been recently infected with HIV. It is necessary to speak with the doctor, and generally to do another test.

When the result is negative and it has been three months since the risk, it is certain that was not infected with HIV.


Figures on AIDS

AIDS in the world in 2007 *

- 2.7 million new infections

- 33 million infected

- 2 million died of AIDS


Sub-Saharan Africa

- 1.9 million new infections

- 22 million people living with HIV (67% of world total)

- 1.5 million died of AIDS

Central Asia and Eastern Europe:

- 58,000 died of AIDS
- 1.5 million HIV
- 110,000 new infections

South East and South Asia:
- 4.2 million HIV
- 330,000 new infections
- 340,000 died of AIDS

* WHO / UNAIDS report in August 2008
The AIDS epidemic (2006 data)

- 6300 new diagnoses in 2006

- 25% of new HIV infections correspond to older than six months

- Heterosexual intercourse accounts for half of new HIV diagnoses in 2006 and relate to half of sub-Saharan Africa

- Homosexual men account for 29% of new HIV diagnoses.

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