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Will it be necessary to distribute milk in colleges?

95% of people consume dairy products and they consume significantly.

With 406 kg / person / year, they are the third largest in Europe after Sweden and Finland. But this is not always the case of adolescents, calcium deficient because their basic plan can only provide 500-600 mg per day, or half the dose required capital definitive bone mineral is reached at the end of the second decade of life is determined by genetic factors but influenced by nutritional intake. (protein and calcium) ..

Those young people who on the American model, have increasingly tended to drink soda at the expense of milk, thus find themselves with a high fracture risk in the medium term and at an advanced age. In the context of primary prevention of osteoporosis after middle age, it is important to promote adequate intake of dairy products during adolescence to ensure maximum bone stock, ensuring a vitamin D intake of about 800 to 1000 IU / day.

Milk and dairy products are, in fact, the main source of calcium (more than two-thirds) in the human diet, they provide more protein intake very important and good biological value, as well as bio-peptides active and are very good sources of phosphorus, potassium, trace elements (zinc, iodine, selenium ...) and vitamins (A, B12, B1, B6 ...). For 20 years, this is by changing the targeted composition of cow's milk that the dairy industry has to meet the nutritional needs of all ages of life.
But be careful! A recent U.S. study sounded the alarmed: the USA, the bone mass decreased significantly in 10 years. This is why it is important to encourage home consumption of milk and dairy products at all the critical ages of life, warning against the alarmist rumors attributing dairy a long list of diseases in the adult only cons-indications milk allergy are generally not persistent to milk proteins in children in infancy and lactose intolerance lack of lactase.

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