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What is teething?

We talk about teething when the first teeth appear (deciduous dentition or teeth), but the term also includes teething inflammatory process that precedes them.

The first teething generally relate mandibular central incisors, located in the lower part of the jaw and the maxillary central incisors, located in the upper jaw.
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The first tooth makes its appearance usually around 6-7 months. At the end of the first year, the eight central and lateral incisors are generally outputs. The four first molars appear between 10 and 16 months. The four canines follow. Then come the four second molars between 20 and 30 months.

Of course, the order and timing of teething vary from child to child.
What is certain is that a child 2-3 years old has 20 teeth.

How are teething?

A small inflammation of the gums always precedes the appearance of the tooth: it is this phenomenon which is more or less painful, depending on the child and the number of teeth ready to leave.

In addition, the breakthrough of some teeth (canines and molars) can be more painful than others.

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