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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Information on sudden infant death

Called sudden infant death syndrome (or SIDS) of sudden death? Baby remains unexplained at the end of? Balance sheet post-mortem examination. It currently includes the cause of death to death "unexpected" s? Child under 2 years: more pragmatic concept of sudden and unexpected death that nothing in the known history, no prospect.

The sudden infant death especially for infants aged 2 to 4 months. 85% of SIDS cases are less than 6 months. Since that eye is highly recommended babies to sleep on their backs (1990s), there has been a decrease in 75% of sudden infant deaths!

In 2005, about 600 unexpected deaths, 247 babies were victims of cot death, according to the official statistics of causes of death.

Are there any risk factors?
By definition, SIDS remains unexplained term? A comprehensive (detailed analysis of the circumstances of the occurrence, clinical, biological, virological bacteriological, radiological, medical autopsy).

These unexpected deaths often have a multifactorial origin: d? Firstly Vulnerability to? Age (neurological immaturity) and the triggering role of bacterial or viral infections, diseases or cardiac abnormalities, gastroesophageal reflux esophageal? D? Secondly especially the baby's position. Sleeping on the stomach is undoubtedly a decisive risk, and that? Inadequate bedding: soft mattress, blankets and pillows preventing?

Child to breathe properly.

Passive smoking (in utero and after birth) and / or and high ambient temperature are also involved.

What are the symptoms of sudden death?
By definition, no? There are no symptoms specific precursor of sudden infant death syndrome, heart Therein lies the difficulty. In retrospect, there are signs that sometimes small n? Have alerted the? Entourage.

In fact,? Child does not manifest itself, does not seem to react by reflex? Awakening to? Event that leads to? Breathing and / or heart rate during sleep.

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