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Spa and thalassotherapy

Thalassotherapy: What do we talk about?

Thalassotherapy is the use of preventive and curative waters and marine elements under medical supervision. This includes the marine climate, seawater, marine mud, seaweed, sand and other substances extracted from the sea.

It is in Arcachon, station pioneer in the medical use of sea bathing, the doctor's Bonnardière invented in the late 1860s, the word "thalassotherapy" neologism formed from the Greek, meaning "treatment by the sea." The secret of this new method lies in the richness of the sea water. Colleu Jean-Michel, head of hydrotherapy Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo, believes that "the sea water is water the most richest in the world. It is a general water that contains all the minerals and trace elements, while the mineral waters are specialized with very different concentrations depending on the source. "


The invention of the modern spa owes much to Louison Bobet, former world champion cyclist, who discovered the benefits of sea water in the center of Roscoff, the result of an accident. In 1964, he decided to open the first modern thalassotherapy institute in Quiberon. This philosophy still drives the spa centers. Jean-Michel Colleu, the Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo argue in effect as a "rehabilitation center, despite discontinuation of reimbursement of medical visits and physiotherapy by Social Security in 1998."

The major resources of the center and allow to tackle the problems of the musculoskeletal system, such as rheumatism, sequelae of trauma, functional problems of the spine (low back pain), respiratory failure. To do this, several tools are available to hydrotherapists and physiotherapists: water jets, air jets, showers, massage, water therapy can work the muscles and joints.

Seawater and marine derivatives and climate also play an important physiological role. Finally, we must not neglect the psychological aspect, with the change of air, reassuring aspect of care by health professionals.

Rolls Spas

However, the centers are all oriented toward today's prevention and wellness. This is the end of the austere white walls and throngs of patients terry robe. Centers do not hesitate to offer, besides heavy medical devices, the recipes found today in all Spas music, dim lights, essential oils.

This is probably why "there is now a confusion between spas and thalasso" Clus judge Louis Michel, President of the National Union of thalassotherapy and spa center director Serge Blanco Hendaye. "The latter is distinguished by the quality of its waters and seafood, their valorisation by health professionals and the proposed establishment of courses of 4 days or more," he says.

The spa is so torn between rehabilitation and wellness care for attract a clientele attracted by this "Rolls Spas", often coupled with a luxury hotel with sea view For the avoidance of doubt, the Union National thalassotherapy wishes to place the physician at the center of institutes to adapt more closely to the treatment conditions, focusing on monitoring medical consequences and prevention.

Who will wellness?

Louis-Michel Clus: "We are witnessing the last 10 to 15 years to a younger population attending institutes. There are so many forties, a very active vacation benefits to recharge, relax and take care of it.

In addition, women made up 70% of customers a few years ago. Rebalance things today with 45% of men in thalassotherapy. Finally, the length of stay is reduced, with a mean duration of 4.5 days. "

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