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Scarlet fever in children

Definition of scarlet fever
Scarlet fever is also called second disease, because it is the second childhood disease causing a rash infant (redness) to be appointed. Scarlet fever, childhood rash illness caused by the bacterium, Streptococcus group A. Scarlet fever is almost always started with red and neck, for children aged 5-10 years.

Scarlet and contagion

The incubation period of scarlet fever is 2 to 5 days. Accompanying fever often reaches 40 ° C. Scarlet fever is spread by droplets of saliva during the incubation periods and fever prior to the onset of symptoms. Highly contagious infection occurs mainly in winter, from a child already suffering from scarlet fever or strep bacteria.

Signs and symptoms of scarlet fever

The symptoms of scarlet fever always starts with chills, fever (40 ° C), sore throat red, increased neck glands.

The rash occurs about 2 days after angina red. It is due to the spread of a toxin produced by Streptococcus throughout the body. The rash, rough and warm to the touch, starts at the chest and then develops all over the body.

Attenuated forms of scarlet fever are now common, but a symptom is characteristic language, whitish at first, gradually becomes scarlet. The rash is then replaced by scales visible to the fingers and toes, which are gradually: it is the period of desquamation.

Is this an emergency?

Open Emergency crimson and always handled should. Complications if not treated with antibiotics in most cases by strep positive, it can be presented.

Complications, common before antibiotics are mainly the kidneys (nephritis formidable).

What is the doctor?
Regulations for a period of 10 days with antibiotics and paracetamol for fever evict the rest of the children who are affected by prevent pollution boyfriend and school.

These are typically two to three weeks after the control urine. Approach to the patient and the family environment is treated with penicillin for seven days to prevent the contamination chain.

Not to be confused with anything?

  • With another eruptive disease of childhood measles.
  • But especially with many eruptions, called scarlatinal, especially due to very common and virus outbreaks.
  • Chickenpox blisters and not with reddish spots, there is no possible confusion.

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