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Role of the pharmacist

What is the role of the pharmacist?

Each year, more than one billion people through the door of a pharmacy. Pharmacists therefore exerts its mission in respect of life and the human person.

The pharmacist is both an entrepreneur and a professional full health. Their role is not only important for the dispensation of medicine and health products, but also in the field of prevention (tobacco alcoholism, contraception ...), consulting and training patients in the proper use of the drug.

He has contacts with patients, other health system actors (doctors, nurses ...), government, manufacturing companies or commercial.

Currently, 63 073 pharmacists practicing, 62% of women (source: College of Pharmacists, 2007). The majority of pharmacists practicing in the private sector pharmacies city.

The pharmacist is the last link in the drug chain, ensuring the patient against misuse specialties prescribed. May substitute a generic for a brand name drug prescribed.) May propose another drug case out of stock of the medicine prescribed by the manufacturer. Explaining the treatment prescribed by the doctor, he promotes the observance of the prescription by the patient, inform the public and reassures when concerned about a health problem.

He knows how to direct the patient to other health professionals: doctors and city hospital, nurse, physiotherapist ...

What is the responsibility of the pharmacist?

The drug is a highly regulated product, the pharmacist ensures vigilance effective traceability of medication overuse and iatrogenic risk (accidents and incidents occurring in the chain of care).

All pharmacists have a vital role in safety: they transmettent valuable information for institutions to control and implement preventive actions for the general public.

Guarantee of quality and security which the pharmacist is the foundation of the monopoly granted to it in the preparation and delivery of the drug. Their responsibility is a personal guarantee for the patient: it has the legal responsibility and strict liability moral and social toward the public.

What are the duties of the pharmacist?

The pharmacist is represented and framed by a set of institutions and public or private organizations vary widely. Some are social responsibility: the need to preserve freedom of his professional judgment, the inability to dispose of its independence, the privilege which applies to him and his staff, his devotion to duty of anyone using it his duty to rescue anyone in danger, and the assistance it provides to the authorities in health protection.

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