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Psychomotor development of 2 to 3 years


Brain maturation continues and allows for further learning fundamental motor skills, language, relationships with others ... In the case of disorders marked (mutism, restlessness as hyperactivity, coordination ...), a rapid in CONSULTATION pediatrician will diagnose and establish a rapid response that will limit the difficulties of integrating school later.

Motor development

Motor level, children over 2 years knows walk starts jumping, running. After a period of instability quite normal, the child is more comfortable with his body, he is already able to wash their hands and teeth, dress himself.

Fine motor skills gradually becomes clear: the drawings are refined, gestures are more precise (beading, handling scissors ...).

Side graphics, it is able to represent things, like the famous "man tadpole" which says more and joined the ability to identify the different parts of his body. He knows draw horizontal and vertical lines, and around 3 years, circles and crosses.

The 2 year old child begins to use the expressions and tone of the adults. His language is enriched by an exceptional between 2 and 3 years old and his vocabulary already a thousand words before 3 years.

The "I" is around 3 years, sometimes before. Some joint disorder (or lisp lisp) are relatively common at this age and do not require medical supervision before 5 years when they are isolated.

Interaction with other

Between 2 and 3 years, the child begins to really take pleasure in finding peers and share games. Language helps to understand how to organize new games, to operate the imagination. Faculties of imitation accelerate learning.


The discovery of his body is one of the main stages of this age. It allows the child to dress himself, but also to go to the toilet alone, day and night (around 3 years).

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