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Psychomotor development of 1 to 2 years


Brain maturation continues and enables new learning walking, language, acquisition of cleanliness ...
In the case of marked disturbances (language, motor skills or relationships with others), a quick reference to the pediatrician is needed.

The specialist will diagnose the delay on the different stages of psychomotor development, allowing early detection of developmental disorders. This requires a full neurological and psychomotor.
Motor development

Generally, a baby is physically able to walk at 12-13 months. Yet it was not until 15 months he knows kneel and face and therefore it is completely ready to launch ... even fall and recover. He climbs, climbing and starts.

From the perspective of fine motor skills, he imitates more: to 15 months, he began to scribble, to eat alone, turning the pages of a book. After 18 months, he draws better, making circular scribbles watching what he does.

Only able to eat properly, the child of two years trying to guide his hand when he draws and reproduce what he has created in his head. This is also the age of the first puzzles, sometimes with large built-in forms.

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