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Morning sickness in pregnancy

Morning sickness in pregnancy: what do we talk about?
Called the morning sickness and vomiting ecœurements felt through pregnancy, usually during the first three months but sometimes longer.

In the first quarter, about 70% of pregnant women experience nausea and / or vomiting. Then they are no more than 20%.

The 4th and 6th week of pregnancy until the 14th or 16th week, the blood concentration of pregnancy hormone (hCG-beta) is progressing very quickly. It doubles every 2-3 days), with a peak around the 12th week of pregnancy, before dropping two or three weeks later. This "hormonal tsunami" saturates the liver function is to metabolize hormones.

Why pregnancy nausea vary according to these women?
Heredity, physiological and psychological changes contribute to this phenomenon. Pregnancy hormone also slows the digestive system: the malaise which promotes nauseous.

The hyperemesis (impossible to remember) might be due to a reaction to very high thyroid hormone levels of pregnancy. These high concentrations are needed to maintain solid developing fetus and its placenta in the uterus. It was hypothesized that women with nausea (high hormone) have a lower risk of miscarriage (natural miscarriage). It would be a blessing in disguise ...

When should you see a doctor for the nausea?
Whenever the mother is worried. No question must remain unanswered. It is necessary to consult quickly when you can not eat normally. As hyperemesis, disrupting maternal diet, also disrupt fetal development.

About 1% of pregnant women suffer from this hyperhemese (excessive vomiting) pregnancy. Dehydration, weight loss or anemia may require hospitalization.

What does the doctor against morning sickness?
After a thorough and careful mother and the fetus, it may request a blood test for hormones and biological constants to assess the impact of nausea (dehydration, ketosis ...).

The anti-emetics classics are frequently prescribed, but their effectiveness is not systematic. And they are not without side effects, such as drowsiness, not always compatible with a professional ...

Some anti-psychotics act on the part of the brain that controls the vomiting reflex. But it is a prescription except in specialized settings.

Homeopathy, osteopathy and acupuncture affect the digestive system. It can be used with experienced professionals, preferably physicians.

The interest of ginger in reducing symptoms has been recognized by the WHO when consumed in moderation. The traditional herbal medicine and aromatherapy are good back-ups but always under medical: because the plants are real drugs with risks for both the mother and the baby, when the doses and formulas (chemotypes) are poorly appreciated.

The diet influences the digestive tract, in some women, taking a meal stimulus and eliminates morning sickness. Fat slows the example. In contrast pepper accelerates. Fresh lemon is beneficial because it stimulates liver activity and bile.

How not to be confused with the nausea of ​​pregnancy?
With gastroenteritis, food poisoning. You can be pregnant and intoxicated by eating spoiled ...

Impairment digestive surgical type is always possible: for example appendicitis.
Toxaemia is another diagnosis must exclude the doctor.

Are there possible prevention of nausea of ​​pregnancy?
If there is, it is not proven! A single woman can feel things differently from one pregnancy to another. It is unpredictable state of knowledge.

However, a good general condition, the satisfaction of being pregnant, correct lifestyle, especially regular exercise, and a safe environment clearly lessen the nausea of pregnancy (pregnancy). This is before pregnancy need to worry about his balance, it is not in place the better, both for the mother and the baby.

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