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How do the homeopathic medicines?
In homeopathy, the symptoms of each patient are more important than disease-specific symptoms. Thus, the choice of a homeopathic medicine requires extensive individualization of diagnosis. Among the symptoms presented by a patient, determine certain disease (pathognomonic signs) and other personal result from the reaction of the patient.

Once the diagnosis of established disease, drugs must be specific to a patient in "his" disease. Moreover, it is often "preparations" (consisting of multiple strains, different according to the patients) controlled laboratory manufacturer of homeopathic medicines.

For example, a drug for a patient treated for depression cold does not contain all the same strains for colds a drug intended to treat cold but even in a patient hyperactive.

However, some symptoms or certain disorders, the same homeopathic medicines are used consistently, beyond the principle of individualization.

Homeopathic medicines may be responsible for adverse effects.
They can interact with other medications. The plug must be reported to the doctor in the case of a prescription or unusual symptoms.

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