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Information on the medicine box

What a box of medicine?

The box containing a drug is specific. The information listed are mandatory, regulatory and essential to "good use of the drug."

The drug and its instructions must always be kept in the original box.
Packaging in direct contact with the drug also helps to identify the drug: plate, aluminum foil (known in pharmacy "blister"), plastic packaging, label bulbs ...

What are the required entries on the box?

On the box are the registered brand name of the drug, that is to say the brand name that pharmacists called "specialty", the active substance named according to its International Nonproprietary Name (INN, established by WHO) and excipients. Are also marked or not pediatric product, and the name and address of the laboratory.

Recommendations are given caution, particularly in relation to the child, pregnancy and lactation.

The box also indicates the dosage form, the expiry date (consumption limit), the storage conditions.

The colored rectangles indicate the three lists regulatory conditions of issue: Schedules I and II and the list of drugs.

Pictograms are visual alerts indicate potential risks (drowsiness while driving a vehicle, spots on the skin during sun exposure, incompatibility with alcohol intake ...), and the color indicates the level of these risks: yellow for level 1 hazard orange for level 2, level 3 red.

The barcode allows the identification and traceability of the product.

What does the user guide?

The manual contains more detailed information already included in the box. It indicates the name of the manufacturer, the number of AMM (authorization on the market), the name of the specialty and the International Nonproprietary Name (INN), the list of information necessary before taking the medication, the necessary instructions the proper use of medication: description of side effects, drug interactions, safety advice (for drivers and for athletes, for example), dosage (dose), dosage form (drops, tablets) ...

A red frame (list I) or green (List II) is present and mentions Braille may also be included.

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