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Drug box Practical information

What are lists drug delivery?

Drugs with employment difficulties or risks in the event of misuse can not be obtained on prescription, as appropriate, a doctor, dentist or midwife. They are on two separate lists: List I or List II. Drugs on the list I can only be issued once the pharmacist, unless the doctor specifically mentions the possibility of a renewal of its order. Drug delivery II listed may be renewed for six months, even if the doctor does not mention it. At each renewal, the pharmacist delivers only the amount needed for one month of treatment, except in the case of contraceptives.

Drugs List I are identified by a white frame surrounded by a red thread.

Those of the List II are identified by a white frame surrounded by a green net: they are only available on prescription.

Drugs are identically identified in Schedule I (except in Veterinary double red). They are only on prescription secure.

What are the thumbnails?

Thumbnails indicate the price and conditions of care drugs. The rate is 35% for medicine boxes to blue vignette, 65% of those with white vignette, 100% white label boxes crossed out. These drugs are quite expensive and recognized as irreplaceable (chronic diseases: cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis ...).

Depending on the case, drugs are reimbursed on the basis of either their sale price or on the basis of a reference rate: the fixed rate liability (TFR).

It existed before 2008 medicines orange sticker (reimbursed at 15%) it was drugs for symptomatic, ie curative or preventive without virtue (or caring for a symptom, not the cause). Their medical service rendered (SMR) was considered insufficient, these drugs are not reimbursed and the orange sticker no longer exists. Some groups are generic, since September 2003, subject to the flat rate of Responsibility (TFR). This means that drugs belonging to these groups are reimbursed on the basis of price and not on the basis of their selling price.

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