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Dispensing of a medicament

How the pharmacist provides it drugs?
23,000 pharmacies throughout maillent. For some drugs, the pharmacist is supplied directly from the manufacturer (6% of the market). But a supply network pharmacies are. It is carefully orchestrated. This is the network of wholesale distributors. These are undertakings entitled to be intermediate between laboratories manufacturers and pharmacists.

Three major companies share 98% of the market with distributors OCP, Alliance Healthcare, the network CERP. Dispatchers can distribute drugs to companies or agencies authorized to distribute, or persons authorized to provide. They buy a stock of pharmaceutical products to distribute, resell and deliver to pharmacists.

How is the supply of pharmacist?

With two or three daily rounds, dispatchers deliver millions of products, medicines and other drugs ... are available from 2 hours to 24 hours from the order of the pharmacist. Orders are today by electronic transmission.

Of local or regional platforms are supplied directly by the laboratories. Central software provides real-time inventory with a sales history. Order quantities are calculated automatically. Each order is sent to a box that reads barcodes.

According to the product rotation, preparation is automatic, semi-automatic or manual, for small rotations and bulky products, fragile or affected by the cold chain. Controllers include ducts (ducts) that drain products to treadmills. They fall into ramps that lead to delivery vans distributing pharmacies ...

What are the legal obligations of stockpiled drugs?

Wholesale distributors are legally required to have a stock of 15 days for consumer products and be able to provide, in an area declared any medication within a maximum period of 24 hours following receipt of the order.

Dispatchers are subject to public service obligations (Decree of 11 February 1998). They must have an assortment of drugs and medical supplies at least 9/10th of the catalog (25,000 products including 8500 drugs).

They are able to satisfy at least 2 weeks of consumption (quantities in stock).

What is the role of the pharmacist in the distribution?

Distribution companies are under the authority of pharmacists responsible or owners, who are required to enroll in Part C of the Order of Pharmacists. The "responsible pharmacist delegates" and "assistants" guarantee the quality of acts pharmaceutical company.

The responsible pharmacist (in the general direction or management) is compulsory officer. These pharmacists have an aptitude for management and business functions. They master the logistics.

In addition, there is a network pharmacy sentinel inform dispatchers to anticipate the needs related to outbreaks. Order of the laboratories, wholesale distributors inform all pharmacists within 24 hours of the dangers of drug non-compliant.

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