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Baby Care Tips

Baby care: What do we talk about?

Are grouped under the term baby care all the gestures of good hygiene to bring her baby. The care of the baby passes through the exchange, bathing and good hygiene of the ears, eyes, nose and genitals, but also cord care and manicure?

When changing a baby?

At the maternity, pediatric nurses are there to show moms (and dads) when and how to change their baby.

But once at home, difficult to know when the baby really need? Have changed. For benchmarks, the most convenient is to change each feed: before or after, it depends on him.

Breastfed babies sometimes has a saddle at each feeding: it is better to wait for that? Has finished drinking it to change. However, needless to wake up at night. It is always better to eat in silence, in the dark to show her heart's night, in the morning and wait for the change.

How to bathe a baby?

In motherhood, one learns to bathe her baby in the washing out of? Water, but this method also impractical for the home, can make him cold. Prefer a sun bath or the strength of your arms to the soap a little out of? Water after a moment of relaxation.

Always use products for the skin of the newborn: soap or specially designed product. Wash him the whole body, including the hair n? Have need? Being washed with a shampoo that about 2 years, when they are provided more and thicker. Insist well on the scalp, to prevent the formation of scabs sebum (cradle cap), more difficult to remove over time.

Take it out quickly after washing to avoid that? Soapy water or not fripe n? Abyss his sensitive skin. On the changing table, thoroughly dry your baby without forgetting the folds of? Crotch and under the arms. Ensure that eye does not take the cold? Dressing quickly. C? Often now that toddlers hate most.

How to wash the ears, nose and eyes of the baby?

In motherhood, learning to wash the ears, nose and eyes of the baby with a small cotton roll (change at each step) and saline. At home, the ears can be cleaned at bath time (attention Only flag should be cleaned, especially not the conduit).

A little saline in the nose will let it flow naturally possible secretions. Only eyes will be cleaned daily with a cotton ball soaked in saline, the tear ducts of toddlers clogging easily.

How to take care of the umbilical cord?

At birth, the umbilical cord was cut and pinched a few inches of the navel. After two days, the clip can be removed and some daily care enough until the cord falls off, about 10 days later.

The first day, we just have to keep the cord clean and dry, out of the layer, and to apply the aqueous eosin (antiseptic referred to local light-dryer) once per day.

Once the cord fell, the navel is not yet healed and infection is always possible for ten days, disinfect daily before applying eosin and make sure it does not ooze or skin around is neither red nor swollen. If this were the case, consult your doctor to make sure it is not an infection.

How to care for baby's genitals?

Each exchange must ensure that the baby's private parts have been thoroughly cleaned. For the little girl, remove any residual stool away well and small labia.

For the boy, the capping of the foreskin tent (without force) after a bath when the skin is soft. Between two fingers, apply a little traction and recalottez immediately.

How to cut the nails of the baby?

It is important to cut the nails of the baby to prevent it claw. The first few weeks, it is often enough to cut one or two to avoid scratches. To two months, use scissors to equalize outlaw nail clippers that could hurt him.

The session can be complicated, so try to get help at the time of feeding or, better, act when he sleeps.

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