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160 Infant Formula Milk Brands

"There are more than 160 infant formula on the market.

How to find the right choice to make? 

Choose an infant milk is a real problem, because the communication (which also implies promotion) is prohibited for 1st age milk (about 60 milks), knowing that breastfeeding is to be preached first. In practice, the choice of an infant milk should be done with the doctor, which is not often the case. Only the milks medical indication (such as hypoallergenic milk) and four or five brands are distributed only in pharmacies where they can benefit from the advice of the pharmacist.

"Are there big differences between milk and milk on growth? The follow-on milk, cheaper than milk growth may be sued in place of milk for growth? '

There is no difference between the milks (powdered) milk and growth which have the same composition, except that growth are liquid milk and flavored (vanilla or vanillin or cocoa). European Directive for infant formula (milk and milk first age on) until the age of one year. Manufacturers have agreed to abide by the same regulations for milk growth, which can be used from 10 months.

"The infant formula they are safe in terms of safety? Is there a risk of getting the Chinese market milk contaminated with melamine? '

Infant formula meet to stringent safety rules under the European Directive of December 2006, which is more accurate. Regarding the Chinese contaminated milk, there is no risk of finding them on the market, as all infant formula sold are known and documented. The market for infant formula is heavily guarded, and DGCCRF would quickly informed at the slightest suspicion of placing on the market of infant formulas that do not meet high standards of regulation.

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