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Anabolic Steroids Side Effect

When it comes to anabolic steroids, there is none half measures, and above all there is no clarity. Samples and athletes always say they do not use them or not to have made use of. Doctors are divided between sorcerers-doping guru who made them use "under strict medical supervision for the purpose athletic-competitive" and between iconoclasts who just hearing you predict steroid biblical catastrophe, the impotence, the alopecia and  acne, as the priests who once predicted blindness for those who masturbated.

As I said on this front, there are only two sides, the pros and the cons. Each of the two do mean never its position, so that the slope of the pros, it becomes a dangerous and insidious underground territory without rules and controls, and the side of the hand, becomes a place of academic boring.

What is needed is an effective information on these substances, that without myths and hypocrisy are analyzed scientifically, in principle, cause and effect?

The following is an excerpt from an article by Dr. Max Spattini, body building champion and physician, who seem to have finally realized this difficult compromise.

"From the chemical point of view, for anabolic steroids are drugs that are derived from testosterone. With appropriate handling in the laboratory on molecules such as removing or adding a methyl group ( nandrolone, methyltestosterone ) added hydroxyl groups ( oxandrolone ), move the double bonds ( methandrostenolone ) , add fluorine atoms or chlorine ( fluoxymesterone, corticosterone), one tries in general to maintain the positive anabolic effects with fewer negative effects of androgens. Even minor alterations of the initial molecule of testosterone lead to major changes of the pharmacological effect.

However, all the drugs obtained by any manipulation maintain androgenic characteristics. The androgenitĂ  is the source of the main side effects, therefore, analyze what leads from the pharmacological point of view and practical.

Pharmacologically saw that testosterone had both known actions to promote first and then maintaining the primary and secondary sex characteristics of males ( stature, beard, hair, development of the sexual organs, sexual behavior itself) is to swell other organs ( especially muscles and bones, but also the liver, spleen, kidney ) through the increase of protein synthesis.

For practical reasons, we came to develop a test, in which the various steroids were grappled with a purely sexual organ (usually the prostate of animals) and a muscle (the levator cavernous bulb) by measuring the increase in relation to doses used. Now if, for example, the pure testosterone had no effect on 100 prostate (androgenic effect), and the effect on the levator 100 (proto anabolic effect), nandrolone had the same dose of 400-500 effect on the muscle and only 30 on the prostate. Ie 4-5 times more anabolic and androgenic three times less, so in total the ratio anabolic / androgen is about 12 to 1, that is great. This calculated ratio for most of the anabolic on the market is defined therapeutic index (A: A).

Despite the passing of the years, unfortunately, nobody thought to improve this method, which is considered essential, but it has many flaws.

a) first of all, applies to the experimental animal used and not to humans. The animals may metabolize the hormones on the cell in a totally different from man.

b) the androgen action in practice is also anabolic action (that is swelling of the genitals) so you cannot clearly distinguish the two: androgenic and anabolic are concepts that refer only body concerned. Moreover, the choice of the muscle is questionable, in fact, given his position; he is as well the levator muscle of a sexual nature)

c) Finally, taking into account these limitations, it should be noted that the two effects are different, but can occur with different doses. Eg. if the nandrolone at low doses had minimal effect androgen and high anabolic effect, at higher doses the effect of androgen increases disproportionately, and the therapeutic index is lowered to with increasing doses.

Especially the latter is in practice the typical problem of those who use steroids, that in an attempt to increase muscle gains or keep them for longer, increasing doses of the drug: this invariably leads to the appearance of androgenic effects without increasing the anabolic ones.

However, even with its limits the therapeutic index is an orientation guide. Other factors to consider are the aromatizzabilitĂ  of the substance, or if it can be transformed by the liver or other organs in estrogen, and if it is alkylated in position 17-alpha, in this case becomes very toxic to the liver.

Treating side effects you will have, in order of importance:

1) effect of sexual tissue growth, not the penis, the dimensions of which do not increase more after puberty, but other organs, first of all, the prostate. High levels of androgens can give rise to growth of the prostate with urination and ejaculation disorders and the risk of formation of malignant tumors. Prostate cancer is very painful and if not treated in time; it is deadly.

2) Inhibition of the synthesis of gonadotrophins. Gonadotropins are hormones produced to from that stimulate the testicles to produce testosterone and sperm. When you reach a high level of androgen drugs (especially testosterone) gonadotropins lock and resulting reduction in volume of testes and within 90-100 days, invariably reduced sperm to infertility. These effects are reversible, in a sense, only suspending the drug, but it takes at least five months to return to normal. If, however, there has been a massive and continuous use, reversibility is of doubtful existence. The total blockade of gonadotrophin is already at a dose of 200 mg per week of testosterone. A very important aspect is the aforementioned characteristic of being aromatization. Nandrolone also at very low doses (50 mg) was barely androgen. However, aromatization resulting in reduction of gonadotropins.

3) Assuming there is always an increase in anabolic testosterone than the amount normally produced by the testes (80-120 mg per week) resulting in increased libido to an obsessive degree, erection's uncontrolled aggression. These effects may be judged by someone also positive, but the problem takes over later, when stopped taking anabolic steroids, testosterone levels remain low for a long time resulting in loss of muscle mass, increased fat, impotence ( inability to erection ) , psychical problems such as depression and paranoia.

4) Increased production of sebum (acne) , deepening of the beard and hair of the body and probably balding. These side effects are particularly deleterious in women bodybuilder and in addition to the fee mentioned deepening hair and baldness, also raucitĂ  and swelling of the voice.

These summarize the side effects, we now draw up a table with the main substances and their characteristics.

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