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Septic Shock Treatment guidelines, Evolution and Complications Of The Disease


The treatment of septic shock which controls the patient in intensive care, is directly dependent on the cause. For example, adrenocortical insufficiency requires a very specific treatment.

It is first necessary to fulfill the patient's circulatory system (vascular filling) by implementing infusions of saline, natural colloids such as albumin or synthetic colloids such as gelatin or dextran.

It must then maintain ventilation by creating up oxygen nasal catheter or mask, intubation or assisted respiration.

Injection of dopamine or other catecholamines ensures vessel tone (vascular tone).
Broad-spectrum antibiotics and specific function of the initial outbreak are urgently needed. Early administration of this antibiotic should be awaiting the results of susceptibility testing. Most often it is gentamicin or tobramycin as well as third-generation cephalosporins are used.

The treatment of renal failure is sometimes useful as the cause of septic shock.
In case of severe sepsis, some teams specialized in resuscitation, and intensive care used recombinant human activated protein C (Xigris drotrecogin or laboratories Lilly).

Evolution of the disease

Oliguria can monitor the aggravation of septic shock.
The prognosis of septic shock is not good. It depends on many factors, most of the germ and the door. For instance, sepsis whose starting point is lung or skin seemed serious is that whose starting point is urinary gastroenterology (gallbladder and intestine). When bacteremia persists, especially in the case of an immunocompromised patient, the prognosis is even worse.

Complications of the disease

The cardiac and respiratory failure and the emergence of a progressive coma may complicate septic shock.

Abscess inside the body is called metastatic suppurative location are possible in certain organs such as the lungs and pleura, the meninges, endocardium, liver, kidneys and bones but also joints.

Several organs can be affected by both the metastatic abscesses.

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