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Medicine: a culture to redefine?

Students and medical residents are also many physicians to use the Program Quebec physicians (PAMQ). Last year, 134 of them turned to the PAMQ out of a total of about 4,000 across the province.

Consult young people for the same reasons that doctors working - frequent episodes of psychological distress. Substance abuse but to keep awake during shifts is more common, although taboo in the middle.

A study published this fall in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) confirms that the rate of depression and suicidal ideation was higher among medical students than in the general population. Having surveyed students of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Michigan, researchers found that in seven suffers from moderate or major depression.

Another study published in 2008 in Annals of Internal Medicine, found that half of medical students suffering from burnout (burnout) and 1 of 10 had suicidal thoughts.

In the medical Quebec, we are aware of the problem. The Federation of Medical Residents of Quebec (FMRQ) has established a committee to aid taken regularly with an internal crisis. Medical schools also have their aid committee.

Dr. Wassef Ramses, renowned surgeon and director of the Office of Student Support and residents of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Montreal, has also made an exit in the newspapers about it, a few weeks ago. "For too long, the medical culture has limited expressions of discomfort or emotions of the doctors," said he.

Dr. Yves Lamontagne, a psychiatrist by training and former president of the College of Physicians of Quebec, do not hesitate to speak of a generation of "little geniuses, nerds have always been first class and cannot bear the failure once in practice. "

"When I was admitted to medical school, I had an average of 83%, he says. If it was today, I never would be accepted. The norm in schools, these are averages of 97%. We want to like this, performance and perfectionists, but they are obsessive-compulsive somewhere, and it comes with a lot of problems. "

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